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  'Relating to Our Wild Friends' with Anna Breytenbach (AnimalSpirit)
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"I have just watch the replay with you and Anna. It was so moving and wonderful. I’m so grateful to both of you for creating the space for this incredibly important communication about the wild ones."
Margo, Australia 

"I want to show my gratitude and appreciation for the great work that Anna is doing regarding the animals and also opening our awareness. So I can't find my words to express the love and the joy and the gratitude for her work."
Lacra, Romania

"Thanks and I do just want to second what Lacra just said and thank you Anna for being here with us today and sharing your experiences and knowledge and work in this area."
Rebecca, Canada

"... Anna, I also echo the sentiments of Lacra and Rebecca, thank you so much. This has been so amazing. I can't wait for the replay... so excited to be here and thank you for your wisdom. And Christine thank you as always for putting together these conversations together, so amazing."
Kitty, USA

"Thank you for this exquisite and Heart FULL discussion. I'm so grateful."
Barb, USA

"Thank you Anna and thank you Christine - wonderful information shared as always."
Elba, USA

"Thank you so much Anna and Christine for such a wonderful experience."
Nina, USA

"Thank you so very much."
Anne-Marie, Canada

"Thank you Anna, love you soooo much."
Brigita, Slovenia

"My heart is full thank you!"
Donalie, USA

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